Making Good Decisions: A Beginner's Guide by Brian Grogan

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Making Good Decisions: A Beginner's Guide

In Making Good Decisions, Brian Grogan SJ considers the ever-pertinent subject of decision-making in both our public and private lives. The book begins by highlighting the core elements at play when we are confronted with difficult choices, and ably explains how the decisionmaking process can be wholly transformed once we seek guidance in the divine. Discernment – the act of Christian decision-making – becomes no longer an occasional event but the radical stance as your heart opens to God. As well as exploring how major figures within the Catholic Church – from Ignatius of Loyola to Óscar Romero – have made prudent choices informed by their enduring faith in Christ, Making Good Decisions also includes illuminating and relatable case studies concerning the author’s own life experiences. Following an insightful and wide-ranging study of personal decision-making, the book concludes with an exploration of communal decision-making that will appeal to anyone seeking a greater understanding of group dynamics. Making Good Decisions is an essential guide for the general reader as they endeavour to make judicious decisions, be they large or small, in each and every facet of their lives.

Publisher: Veritas Publications Ltd ISBN: 9781847306944 Pages: 254