Maya by Satishsrinivas

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You trust a person and then you find out that you have been used by that person to serve his/her own mean purposes. How will you feel? Akshara, an innocent girl, doesn’t even know what has happened with her. She is out and away from her kingdom, the Javelin Kingdom. Her belongings are from a different city. Someone is playing with her emotions and not even thinking of the impact it will have on this innocent girl’s mind. Somebody’s greediness, somebody’s criminal mentality is affecting her and so many others. A strange woman is calling her Maya, though her name is Akshara. Who is that woman? Who is Maya? Why is Akshara facing a problem? Is the criminal related to all these people? How will they escape? A group of people want to reach an unknown destiny, a dangerous destiny, what is that?

Publisher: Wordit Content Design & Editing Services Pvt Ltd ISBN: 9788192816678 Pages: 78