Meteor Boys: True Tales from the Operators of Britain's First Jet Fighter—From 1944 to Date by Steve Bond

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Meteor Boys: True Tales from the Operators of Britain's First Jet Fighter—From 1944 to Date

Through the first-hand experiences of pilots and ground crew, the author of Javelin Boys chronicles the history of the RAF’s first jet-engined aircraft.
As Britain’s first jet fighter, the Gloster Meteor has had a remarkably varied and lengthy life. But while many books have focused on its development and service history, the time has come to hear the personal experiences of its air and ground crews.
By interviewing over thirty veterans, author and Meteor veteran Steve Bond has written an incredibly detailed insight into this iconic aircraft, which is supported by anecdotes and accounts from those who knew it best. One example is Alan McDonald who described the Meteor as “a bit unforgiving if you got it wrong, as many pilots found out to their cost, especially on one engine, but I must admit I got to like it very much—it was a great adrenaline rush.” Alongside these entertaining anecdotes are details of the Meteor’s origins and developments. Starting with the first deliveries in 1944 working through to the present day, Bond documents the diverse role that the Meteor has had—from operations against the V1 and photo-reconnaissance missions to its use as a training machine and later as a display aircraft. The book also features photographs never seen before in print. This detailed history of this iconic and much loved jet fighter will appeal to all aviation fans.
“Bond has done a great job with this book with many personal accounts of the people that were involved every day in the life of the Meteor. Highly Recommended.” —International Plastic Modelers’ Society/USA
Publisher: Grub Street Publishing ISBN: 9781910690659 Pages: 208