Midnight Flame by Lynette Vinet

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Midnight Flame

A wealthy rancher resolves to shame the woman who wronged his family—never expecting to succumb to her beauty

When vengeful Tony Duvalier discovers a “Miss L. Delaney” is responsible for his uncle’s death, the hot-tempered aristocrat vows to make her pay. But he can’t reconcile the emerald-eyed innocence of Laurel Delaney with his image of a cheap, scheming hussy. Despite the way she sets his heart aflame, Tony is determined to humiliate the guilty femme fatale—even if it costs him once-in-a-lifetime love.
Laurel’s troublemaking cousin, Lavinia, begs for her help in hiding from the Duvalier family, and the two travel to New Orleans in disguise. But when Laurel meets the very man she’s deceiving, she’s stunned by his arrogance, confidence . . . and charm. She knows she should avoid Tony, but the moment this refined heiress feels his commanding embrace, she can’t help but submit to their sensual, all-consuming affair.
Publisher: Open Road Media Romance ISBN: 9781504022392 Pages: 443