Military Space Force and Modern Defence by Dr. M N Sirohi

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Military Space Force and Modern Defence

Space warfare is combat that takes place in outer space, i.e.

outside the atmosphere. Technically, as a distinct classification ,

it refers to battles where the targets themselves are in space. Space

warfare therefore includes ground-to-space warfare, such as attacking

satellites from the Earth, as well as space-to-space warfare, such as

satellites attacking satellites. In 2020 military satellites and, to a

lesser degree, commercial satellites that perform functions critical

to civilians, governments and militaries are now increasingly

capable of performing active and passive defence, offensive

interdiction and rendezvous operations, and covert and overt

attacks, while simultaneously carrying out their primary missions.

Space systems consist of three elements: a space element, a

terrestrial element, and a link element. The space element consists

of the platform in which astrodynamics is the primary principle

governing its movement through its environment. This book

provides deep insight into various dimensions of issues relating

to the subject.

Publisher: Vij Books India Private Limited ISBN: 9789385505744 Pages: 312