Mind Fist: The Asian Art of the Ninja Masters by Haha Lung

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Mind Fist: The Asian Art of the Ninja Masters

The author of more than a dozen martial arts books, including Mind Penetration, reveals the secret to releasing the raw, untapped power of the “sleeping tiger” within us all.
Inside every human is a “sleeping tiger”—an extraordinary power that, once harnessed, can repel even the most powerful of aggressors.
In this masterful book, Dr. Haha Lung draws on the psychological origins of ancient Chinese philosophies and the fist-fighting traditions of Chinese kung fu to introduce the Mind Fist—the mental punch enemies never see coming.
Unlocking this ancient skill, Mind Fist teaches readers everything from nonviolent counterattacks to devastating martial arts techniques as well as:
  • Mental and physical exercises to strengthen the mind and body
  • The ancient Indian origins of Chinese kung fu
  • The ways of bullies and aggressors
  • How to prevent violence using Zhenkin, the Art of Control
  • Three kinds of force you can draw upon to win a physical battle
  • How fear can be turned into focus
  • “Ghost” strikes and takedowns
  • And secrets of moshuh nanren, the Chinese ninja!
Publisher: Citadel ISBN: 9780806535661 Pages: 240