Modern Management of Perinatal Psychiatric Disorders by Carol Henshaw, John Cox, Joanne Barton

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Modern Management of Perinatal Psychiatric Disorders

The management of mental health problems is a core component of maternity care. Pregnancy and childbirth may be accompanied by recurrence of pre-existing psychiatric problems, and conditions such as postnatal depression and puerperal psychosis may arise following delivery. Correct management of these problems is essential for both the mother and the developing infant.This book provides a comprehensive overview of mental health problems associated with pregnancy and the year after delivery. The second edition has been updated to reflect current practice, recent evidence and new clinical guidelines.Key topics covered include:- issues for children and families- screening for and prevention of mental disorders in relation to childbirth- prescribing and physical treatments in pregnancy and lactation- transcultural issues- diagnosis and management.An important text for all psychiatrists who work with pregnant women or new mothers, this book is essential for trainees in perinatal psychiatry and will also be a useful resource for nurses, psychologists, obstetricians, midwives and health visitors.

Publisher: Royal College of Psychiatrists ISBN: 9781909726789 Pages: 330