Modern Survival: How to Cope When Everything Falls Apart by Barry Davies

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Modern Survival: How to Cope When Everything Falls Apart

The author of The Complete SAS Survival Manual delivers “practical and realistic insights” regarding any disaster the twenty-first century can throw at us (Point Blank).
Tornadoes, floods, and terrorism—frightening events like these are in the news every day, and it’s likely you already know someone who’s been affected by such a terrifying ordeal. Modern Survival is the ultimate guide for all you need to know about surviving in the modern world. Barry Davies, who spent eighteen years in the British Special Air Service, teaches readers how to go on living with the bare necessities when everything you knew as normal suddenly slips away. From war to earthquakes, Davies will help you prepare so that you’re not only able to survive, but are also able to continue on with your life healthily and successfully once the dust has settled.
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing ISBN: 9781620873014 Pages: 320