Monsters by Raphaela Weissman

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Every evening, Annie and Paul Mayfield and their son Thomas sit together in the seething silence of their Brooklyn apartment, still haunted by the memory of the attack on the Twin Towers a year earlier.

The nights are plagued by Thomas’s vivid nightmares, Annie’s unexplained sleepwalking, and Paul’s growing paranoia as he fears the implications of their disquiet.

At eight years old, Thomas is eerily serious, and oddly precocious. He also lives in fear— of his parents’ unexplained behavior, the monsters he imagines hiding everywhere, and the uncertain world he inhabits in his own room.

Monsters is a relentless portrait of a family on the brink of chaos, as they struggle to care for each other under the weight of fear.

Publisher: United Authors ISBN: 9781911586753 Pages: 240