Mornings with Barney: The True Story of an Extraordinary Beagle by Dick Wolfsie

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Mornings with Barney: The True Story of an Extraordinary Beagle

An “insightful and delightfully unsentimental” account of the badly behaved, utterly lovable stray dog who became a local TV star in Indiana (Publishers Weekly).
When he stepped out of his front door one cold winter morning, Indianapolis newscaster Dick Wolfsie had no idea he was about to meet his new canine costar. Barney the stray beagle had an irresistible charm and, as Wolfsie would soon discover, an untamable propensity for trouble. Within hours of his entrance into his new home, Barney had shredded the couch, torn down the curtains, and made modern art of Wolfsie’s wife’s favorite high heels. It was quickly decided that the newsman had to either bring the dog to work with him each day or find him a minimum-security facility.
So off to the station they went. And it wasn’t long before Barney nosed his way in front of the camera. Soon the dynamic duo would make TV history. For ten years—more than 2,500 morning news shows—fans watched the renegade pooch chew, howl, and dig his way through every one of Wolfsie’s reports. But he also burrowed his way into everybody’s hearts, becoming a beloved media star. Mornings with Barney is the hilarious true story of a mischievous beagle’s television career—but more than that, it is the moving story of a dog who became one man’s best friend while brightening the lives of an entire community.
“Bats, bears, baboons, beavers, badgers, and bobcats. None can compare with Barney the Beagle.” —Jack Hanna
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing ISBN: 9781626366312 Pages: 240