Mrs. Budley Falls from Grace by M. C. Beaton

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Mrs. Budley Falls from Grace

An aristocratic widow turns to crime—and discovers love—in a romance “notable for its gentle humor and adventurous spirit” from a New York Times bestseller (Publishers Weekly).
The Poor Relation, a hotel run by impoverished aristocrats, is in need of money to survive. Widow Eliza Budley wants to help save her new home, but with her fortune lost due to her deceased husband’s gambling debts, how can she? With no rich relative to go to, Eliza calls on the senile, elderly Marquess of Peterhouse, and pretends to be a relation while she steals just enough of his worldly goods to fund the hotel. But when she arrives at his bleak castle, she learns the Marquess is deceased, leaving his handsome nephew in charge of the estate. Once the dashing heir learns of her devious plot, can he get past her criminal leanings long enough to fall in love with her?
Publisher: RosettaBooks ISBN: 9780795315343 Pages: 220