Neonatal Seizures: Current Management and Future Challenges by Lakshmi Nagarajan

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Neonatal Seizures: Current Management and Future Challenges

A better understanding of neural activity and the development of cortical connections and networks is an important requirement for evaluating the cause and treatment of neonatal seizures. There have been many advances in the management of neonatal seizures such as increased use of aEEG, therapeutic hypothermia for HIE and exome sequencing, to name a few. Neonatal Seizures: Current Management and Future Challenges distils what is known about these advances into one scholarly yet practical text. Chapters cover the neonatal neuron, the use of VEEG, in diagnosis, advances in neurophysiology, genetics, and, neuroprotective strategies, as well as outcomes and predictors of outcomes. The challenges that arise from what is not yet known about neonatal seizures are explored. This volume is fully illustrated, with over 40 colour images of vEEG and aEEG tracings that illuminate the text. Authored by an international team of specialists in the field, Neonatal Seizures will be useful for neonatologists, paediatricians, neurologists, neurophysiology technologists, and all health professionals involved in the care of neonates experiencing seizures.

Publisher: Mac Keith Press Edited By: Lakshmi Nagarajan ISBN: 9781909962699 Pages: 214