Noah Haidle: Three Plays by Noah Haidle

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Noah Haidle: Three Plays

Precocious and formidably talented' (The New Yorker), Noah Haidle is now considered 'one of the most foremost playwrights of his generation' (The Boston Globe). This collection celebrates the arrival of Haidle's virtuosic theatrical talent by bringing together three of his most acclaimed plays to date.

Rag and Bone, in which two brothers run an under-the-counter business in human hearts and emotions - 'delightful moments of absurdity' (The New York Times)

Mr Marmalade, in which four-year-old Lucy delivers a crash-course in contemporary relationships, 'alternately hilarious and heartbreaking' (The New Yorker) and Vigils, 'a simple, sweet exploration of human memory and grief' (Variety)

Publisher: Oberon Books Ltd ISBN: 9781783198467 Pages: 224