Oops, Doggy Dog! by Deborah Gregory

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Oops, Doggy Dog!

It seems like Galleria and the Cheetah Girls have been waiting forever to record the demo tape that’s going to set the music industry on fire. They were all set to go last month, but then an accident put one girl on crutches and the Cheetahs’ dreams on ice. Once they’re all walking again, the Cheetahs set a date with their producer—but a four-legged problem is about to derail their plans.

Galleria’s next-door neighbor has a pregnant dog, and she insists that Galleria’s pooch Toto is the father. This puppy paternity problem takes up all of Galleria’s attention, and the other Cheetahs start to fear that if they ever do get into the studio, their lead singer won’t be able to do anything but howl.
Publisher: Open Road Media Teen & Tween ISBN: 9781497677265 Pages: 84