Ordinary Feet, Extra-Ordinary Feat by Dr Veena Bharathi

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Ordinary Feet, Extra-Ordinary Feat

Neerja Bhanot gave -up her young precious life, so that the 380-odd passengers of the hijacked Pan-Am airlines could survive. Read about the first ever woman recipient of The Ashoka-Chakra award ,the highest bravery award given by The Indian Government. Neerja became 'The Heroine' of the Pan-Am hijack at Karachi, that shook the world in September 1986 , she infact became the Captain of the deserted Aircraft, the moment she realised that the passengers and the entire crew were at the mercy of trigger-happy hijackers. Read the soul-stirring real life story ' Neerja of heroic height '. 2. Read about the tribal-welfare doctor, Dr.H.Sudarshan, who though was a target of forest brigand Veerappan, refused to take the security-cover provided by The Karnataka Government

Publisher: Vij Books India Private Limited ISBN: 9789384318789 Pages: 90