“Origins”: Book 1/12: The Origin of Death by Uday Kagal

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“Origins”: Book 1/12: The Origin of Death

This book series is a satire on human civilization. It examines the ‘origins of things’ – Death (Book 1), Life and Human Dominance that were but consequences of natural selection; the rise of our social institutions – Spirituality, Paganism, Religion and Marriage - that helped us rise over nature; and the rise of our modern institutions – Markets, State, Civil Society and Philanthropy – that helped us rise over man.

It questions why we live such individualistic lives disconnected from our environment, and each other. Why we pillage nature mercilessly and compete more than collaborate. It contends that Religion disrupted an inherently sustainable state to create the dissonance we see today; and urges us to rethink how we move forward if we wish to be a part of Earth’s future.

Publisher: Wordit Content Design & Editing Services Pvt Ltd ISBN: 9789352016440 Pages: 146