Our Time of Day: My Life with Corin Redgrave by Kika Markham

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Our Time of Day: My Life with Corin Redgrave

‘I remember thinking if life had been different,

I might have liked to have ended up with that man.’

Our Time of Day was inspired by Corin’s

revelation that after suffering brain

damage he could remember little of his

marriage – despite the fact that for over

thirty happy, passionate and turbulent

years he and Kika had shared their love of

acting, family and left-wing politics with

ceaseless energy and commitment.

With great empathy and wit, Kika

records their lives on and off stage – two

great actors from two theatrical families.

She draws upon intimate records of the

thoughts and feelings that they had both

expressed in personal diaries, writing with

often brutal honesty. Finally she charts

the poignant trajectory of Corin’s illness,

from the moment he suffered a near-fatal

heart attack during a speech on behalf of

the Dale Farm gypsies, to severe memory

loss, cancer and his eventual death from

an aneurysm in the brain.

Throughout these troubled years both

continued acting in plays and films, as

well as strenuously pursuing the human

rights causes they held so dear.

Publisher: Oberon Books Ltd ISBN: 9781783195992 Pages: 208