Poker Winners Are Different by Alan N. Schoonmaker

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Poker Winners Are Different

An all-in guide to playing the cards you’re dealt, full of “insightful . . . practical advice” from the author of Your Worst Poker Enemy (PokerNews).
Every serious poker player knows there’s a big difference between playing well and winning: Winners successfully master discipline and specific habits that keep them ahead of the competition—because as much as poker may be a game of chance, it is also a game of skill, knowledge, and mental acuity.

In Poker Winners Are Different, poker guru Dr. Alan N. Schoonmaker explains the key skills that enable winners to bring home the big money. With his expert guidance you’ll learn to:
  • Manage risk and information
  • Develop better discipline
  • Improve your decision-making processes
  • Focus on the right issues
  • Choose the information you share with others
  • Control your reactions and emotions
  • Act decisively
Featuring a foreword by tournament-winning professional poker player David “The Mathematician” Sklansky, this accessible and comprehensive book is perfect for anyone looking to up their card game, play more confidently—and, above all, win more often.
Publisher: Lyle Stuart ISBN: 9780806534794 Pages: 304