Possessing Jessie by Nancy Springer

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Possessing Jessie

When Jessie’s brother dies, something takes hold of her in this chilling supernatural story of guilt, possession, and obsession

Jessie wakes up knowing exactly what she needs to do. Gazing at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, she begins cutting off her beautiful locks, leaving herself with a short, boyish cut—just like her brother’s.

Jason died in a car crash, and since the funeral, Jessie hasn’t been the same. Now, wearing her brother’s clothes, her hair spiked just the way he used to wear his, she can face herself again. But what starts out as a difficult grieving process becomes something much more serious. Before long, she is sleeping in his bedroom, talking like him, even hearing his voice in her head. She is no longer just acting like Jason . . . she is starting to become him. 
Publisher: Open Road Media Teen & Tween ISBN: 9781497688810 Pages: 88