Queens of Georgian Britain by Catherine Curzon

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Queens of Georgian Britain

An account of four royal women that’s “as inherently fascinating as it is exceptionally informative . . . an extraordinary read from beginning to end” (Midwest Book Review).


Once upon a time there were four kings called George who, thanks to a quirk of fate, ruled Great Britain for over a century. Hailing from Germany, these occasionally mad, bad, and infamous sovereigns presided over a land in turmoil. Yet what of the remarkable women who were crowned alongside them?


From the forgotten princess locked in a tower to an illustrious regent, a devoted consort, and a notorious party girl, the queens of Georgian Britain lived lives of scandal, romance, and turbulent drama. Whether dipping into politics or carousing on the shores of Italy, Caroline of Ansbach, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, and Caroline of Brunswick refused to fade into the background.


Queens of Georgian Britain offers a chance to step back in time and meet the women who ruled alongside the Georgian monarchs, not forgetting Sophia Dorothea of Celle, the passionate princess who never made it as far as the throne. From lonely childhoods to glittering palaces, via family feuds, smallpox, strapping soldiers, and plenty of scheming, these are the queens who shaped an era.


“A lively deep dive into the lives of four women regularly overshadowed by their husbands . . . Curzon is a captivating writer and this book is an impressive addition to her existing Georgian books.” —The Lazy Historian

“Curzon has a breezy, colloquial style . . . an easy and informative read.”—Historical Novels Review
Publisher: Pen & Sword Books ISBN: 9781473858541 Pages: 240