Quick Win Marketing: Answers to Your top 100 Marketing Questions by Annmarie Hanlon

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Quick Win Marketing: Answers to Your top 100 Marketing Questions

Quick Win Marketing is aimed at entrepreneurs and business managers wanting to start, grow or revitalise a business, and companies launching new services or products in the UK or Ireland. The book is designed so that you can dip in and out seeking answers to your top marketing questions, as they arise, in four key sections: Marketing essentials; Launching new services / products; Growing your business; and Revitalising your business. All questions and answers are also cross-indexed over the following headings: Management, Branding, Research, Innovation, Pricing, Promotion, Sales and Online. Questions include: What market research do we need? How do we price our services? How do we find customers? How do we prepare a brochure? How do we create a marketing budget? How do we generate media attention? How do we segment our business? How do we get more website traffic? Where can we issue news releases online? How can we win more pitches? How can we create greater impact meeting new people? What are the top 10 ways to promote our business on a shoestring?

Publisher: Oak Tree Press ISBN: 9781781190562 Pages: 113