Quicksand by Gigi Pandian

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“A world-class puzzle to solve and riveting plot twists to unravel . . . Don’t miss one of the best new mystery series around!” —Kate Carlisle, New York Times–bestselling author
A thousand-year-old secret room. A sultan’s stolen treasure. A missing French priest. And an invitation to Paris to rekindle an old flame . . . Historian Jaya Jones finds herself on the wrong side of the law during an art heist at the Louvre. To redeem herself, she follows clues from an illuminated manuscript that lead from the cobblestone streets of Paris to the quicksand-surrounded fortress of Mont Saint-Michel. With the help of enigmatic Lane Peters and a ninety-year-old stage magician, Jaya delves into France’s colonial past in India to clear her name and catch a killer.
“A joy-filled ride of suspenseful action, elaborate scams, and witty dialogue. The villains are as wily as the heroes, and every twist is intelligent and unexpected, ensuring that this is a novel that will delight lovers of history, romance, and elaborate capers.” —Kings River Life Magazine
“Charming characters, a hint of romantic conflict, and just the right amount of danger will garner more fans for this cozy series.” —Publishers Weekly
Quicksand has all the ingredients I love—intrigue, witty banter, and a twisty mystery that hopscotches across France!” —Sara Rosett, USA Today–bestselling author
Quicksand draws the reader in from the first page to the final, breathtaking climax. I loved it!” —Suspense Magazine
Publisher: Henery Press Publishing ISBN: 9781941962282 Pages: 286