Rainbow Hammock by Becky Lee Weyrich

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Rainbow Hammock

A woman must brave the storms of passion and danger on an island off the coast of Georgia in a Civil War romance from the award-winning author.
Lilah Fitzpatrick’s childhood sweetheart broke her heart when he married another woman. She never thought she’d find the kind of love she lost. Then Steele Denegal—a fearless Yankee soldier—swept her into his world of passion and captured her heart.
Suddenly Steele disappears, leaving Lilah alone and vulnerable to a treacherous man who’s determined to destroy her, along with the memory of Steele’s love. Will the promise in their passion find a future, or will Steele return before it’s too late?
“Weyrich is one of the finest, most ingenious, and gifted writers.” —Romantic Times
Publisher: Diversion Books ISBN: 9781626813342 Pages: 328