Re-Enterprise by G. Ravindran

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Re-Enterprise. A timely alert to the world of business.

Re-Enterprise, the book, is a stop-look-proceed caution-sign to business leaders to 'consciously' let their business BE an enterprise or deliberately BECOME an organisation. Without indulging in word-smithy or getting judgemental, the Author highlights the nuances of our unique, emerging context, and makes a compelling case to not allow things to just drift and happen by accident.

Others have created cliches like "what got you here won't get you there", "first break all the rules", and words like re-structure, re-invent, re-engineer, re-imagine etc. This book however, pushes thought leadership by taking a need-based, holistic view relevant to the emerging future.

Re-Enterprise, the book experience is exactly that. An experience. Gone is the tradition for management-thought to be articulated in verbose, heavy prose. Gone is the practice for a book to be read from the first page to the last. Gone is the need for leadership jargon to be complex and awe-inspiring. Instead, we have a colourful, zingy, visually electric kaliedoscope that is a page-turner, that also lets us take a break and come back and pick-it-up from wherever we want.

"I have been thru so much of this", "It's me talking", "Thank God somebody has finally said this", "Hope and pray, the next-gen entrepreneur gets this right", "What timing. Just what the doctor ordered for today's start-ups"... are some of the comments from across the spectrum. Industrialist, entrepreneur, senior executive, new employee, student. Anybody who has anything to do with the world of business has only one thing to say ... There has to be more OF this, much more ON this .. Re-Enterprise.

Publisher: Wordit Content Design & Editing Services Pvt Ltd ISBN: 9789383952809 Pages: 80