Remember to Breathe: The laugh-out-loud male Bridget Jones by Simon Pont

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Remember to Breathe: The laugh-out-loud male Bridget Jones

London at the turn of the Millennium and Samuel Grant has it all – the look, the job, the achingly cool suit. But Samuel isn’t having any fun. Worse than that, he’s depressed. He loathes his dream job, and his perfect girlfriend has dumped him. That he was cheating on her only makes matters worse.

From hero to zero in a matter of days, Sam is fighting to keep it together. But when the only way you know how to play is dirty, how can you become one of the good guys?

Remember to Breathe is the tale of one man’s search to feel like a hero, without having to do anything heroic. Samuel is "that guy", the one you'll naturally love to hate, and yet can’t help forgive and love just a little – because there’s a bit of Samuel Grant in all of us.

Publisher: Urbane Publications Limited ISBN: 9781909273023 Pages: 336