Remembrance of Ghostwriters Past by Noreen Wald

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Remembrance of Ghostwriters Past

A New York sleuth looks into a priest’s past to solve an unholy murder . . .
Manhattan ghostwriter Jake O’Hara has been meaning to get her career, and her so-called love life, back on track. But lately, it hasn’t been easy. Especially now that her soon-to-be-married mother has witnessed a murder . . . in a confessional, no less. Shortly after Maura O’Hara arrived at the church, Father Billy Blake—controversy-plagued priest, anti-death penalty activist, and spiritual advisor to a notorious hit man—was shot dead.
It’s no secret that Father Blake had a number of enemies—from a scheming drug lord to a dangerous clan on death row. Coming up with a list of suspects isn’t a problem. Jake’s more worried about keeping her mother out of harm’s way. For she’s unknowingly stepping into a tangled web of mystery and murder—one that ties into the deadly sins of the past . . .
“[Wald] writes with a light touch.” —New York Daily News
Publisher: Henery Press Publishing ISBN: 9781943390786 Pages: 224