Rooster: The Life and Times of the Real Rooster Cogburn, the Man Who Inspired True Grit by Brett Cogburn

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Rooster: The Life and Times of the Real Rooster Cogburn, the Man Who Inspired True Grit

“Fans of frontier arcana will revel” in this biography of the Arkansas cowboy, outlaw, and immortal Wild West frontiersman (Publishers Weekly).
Celebrated in Charles Portis’s classic novel and three hit films, the real “Rooster” Cogburn was as bold, brash, and bigger-than-life as the American West itself. Now, in this page-turning account, Cogburn’s great-great-grandson reveals the truth behind the fiction—and the man behind the myth . . .

He was born in 1866 in Fancy Hill, Arkansas, the descendant of pioneers and moonshiners. Six foot three, dark eyed, and a dead shot with a rifle, Franklin “Rooster” Cogburn was as hard as the rocky mountain ground his family settled. The only authority the Cogburn clan recognized was God and a gun. And though he never packed a badge, Rooster meted out his own justice—taking on a posse of US deputy marshals in a blazing showdown. Now a wanted man, with a $500 reward on his head, Rooster—proud, stubborn, fearless, and ornery to the bitter end—rode into legend.

In Rooster, “[Brett Cogburn]  . . . amazes and astounds us with the true-life story” of a genuine American icon, and unforgettable man of the West (Booklist).

“The author has done extensive research to bring the times and his ancestor to life. It’s an interesting read, especially for history buffs. His descriptions of the Fort Smith area, Indian Territory and southeastern Oklahoma are outstanding.” —The Oklahoman
“In this book, [Cogburn] has blended family lore and good research to produce an entertaining portrait.” —The Dallas Morning News
Publisher: Kensington ISBN: 9780758279873 Pages: 240