Round the World in Eighty Dishes by Lesley Blanch

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Round the World in Eighty Dishes

A grand tour for the taste buds—a delightful classic cookbook of the postwar era from a well-traveled woman.
This charming little book was first published in 1956, when people in England were still enduring postwar restrictions on both traveling and eating. In the words of its author, Lesley Blanch, “benign fate whisked me elsewhere to follow less restricted ways, travelling widely and eating wildly.”
Her gastronomic world tour includes eighty recipes, each prefaced by an account of where they were first tasted or with some amusing anecdote. You’ll find delicious dishes from her journeys around Europe and to the Middle East and Far East, Africa, the Pacific, Central and South America, and even a good old Baked Virginia Ham from the USA.
Publisher: Grub Street Publishing ISBN: 9781909808713 Pages: 200