Sacrifice To The Emerald God by Paul Blades

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Sacrifice To The Emerald God

Margie is a young American anthropologist, taking an extended honeymoon trip with her new husband, deep into the mountains of Venezuela. Early one morning, she goes to the local marketplace alone, and finds herself suddenly grabbed by the murderous bandit Diego Badoya, who’s just escaped from prison. After using Margie to slip the police, Diego takes his hostage up the river by boat. A failed attempt to escape leaves her cruelly beaten, bound and sexually assaulted by her captor. Despite the degradation she's made to suffer, her traitorous body responds to the attack with surprising arousal. She spends days as Diegos sexual toy, kept bound and readied for repeated assaults that leave her both breathless and shamed. On reaching a rough town frequented by drug dealers and smugglers, Diego loses everything in a card game including Margie. Now the property of the cool sadistic gambler Armando, her hard life continues with more whipping and more rough, forced sex. Further upriver, far into the savage jungle, the sadist trades her to a primitive Indian tribe for precious emeralds. After making use of her for their own pleasure, the villagers prepare her with a potent hallucinogenic drug and leave her bound to a large statue, a sacrifice to the Green God who guards their emerald mine. Although Margie has known astonishing sexual pleasure at the hands of brutal men, she still longs to be rescued, even though the memories of her previous life become more distant each day of her captivity.

Publisher: Pink Flamingo Publications LLC ISBN: 9781936173297 Pages: 121