Seduced by Moonlight by Lexie Davis

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Seduced by Moonlight

Her life is in danger and only one man can save her.

Chloe Knight is a famous artist who is also a werewolf. She's lived all of her life in the human world thinking she belongs, but as the first full moon nears after her twenty-fifth birthday, her life changes. Inside she feels torn apart, and the sudden and constant need for sex is insatiable.

Maxim is a werewolf and leader of his pack along with his twin brother, Quinn. When he learns that a stray youngling - a werewolf that has never changed - is on their property, it's his responsibility to protect her from the other malicious packs of wolves in the area, mainly the black wolves.

The clock is ticking and their time together is short-lived. Max needs to prove to Chloe that she belongs with him and his pack before Chloe runs away from him forever, endangering herself as well as other humans. Not to mention the fact that he's fallen in love with her. He can attend to her needs, but can he win her heart?

Publisher: Totally Entwined Group Ltd ISBN: 9781907280207 Pages: 66