Should Have Known Better by Grace Octavia

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Should Have Known Better

After a heartbreaking betrayal, a woman must call on all her strength to put the pieces of her life back together . . .
Dawn Johnson’s sorority sisters thought she made a huge mistake marrying blue-collar Reginald. But the two have built a beautiful life for themselves and their children. Dawn can’t wait to show everyone how wrong they were—especially when her mega-successful best friend, Sasha, comes to visit.
But Dawn never expected Sasha and Reginald would hit it off so well. She never expected they’d betray her in the most shocking and hurtful way imaginable—by running off together. And she never knew how much rage she could hold in her broken heart.
With her life now in shambles, Dawn will do whatever it takes to regain what she’s lost. But the road back will mean risking more than she ever imagined . . .
From the Essence-bestselling author of the Southern Scandal series, this is “truly an amazing read” (RT Book Reviews).
Publisher: Kensington ISBN: 9780758291479 Pages: 353