Single to Paris by Alexander Fullerton

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Single to Paris

Rosie Ewing returns in an edge-of-your-seat espionage adventure

France, August 1945. When two agents are arrested in Paris, SOE agent Rosie Ewing is sent to rescue them.

Also in Paris is a woman called Jacqueline, already known to Rosie and now the mistress of a highly-placed SD officer. Rosie’s brief is to find Jacqueline, and through her discover where the two agents are being held, then get them out before they either talk or die. But how?

She needs help from the French Resistance. But both Gaullist and Communist groups are stirring – and at each other’s throats. There are also several exceptionally vicious pro-Nazi groups out there…

Rosie is going in, solo and virtually blind.

Publisher: Canelo Digital Publishing Ltd ISBN: 9781788630382 Pages: 300