Slice by William Patterson

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Just when a mother thinks it’s safe to move back home, a killer makes sure the past repeats itself in this chilling psychological thriller.
When Jessie Clarkson left Sayer’s Brook, Connecticut, she was pregnant, terrified, and married to a psychopath. She knew Emil would do anything to prevent her incriminating him—if he ever found her. Staying alive for the sake of her child was all that mattered.
Five years later, Emil is dead and Jessie is ready to stop running. With her daughter, Abby, starting school, going home to be among friends and family makes sense. Until the murders start. All the victims are viciously stabbed and slashed across the throat. And each of them has a connection to Jessie.
Jessie isn’t sure if Emil is somehow still alive or if a copycat is continuing his legacy. But with each horrifying crime, the killer is making his intentions clear: Jessie may have escaped Sayer’s Brook once, but she’ll never leave again . . .
Publisher: Pinnacle ISBN: 9780786032150 Pages: 544