Smash and Grab by Clifton Robbins

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Smash and Grab

When a jewellery heist goes wrong, and a member of the public who pursues the thieves is killed, it arouses the attention of up-and-coming detective, Clay Harrison, who suspects there is more to this bungled smash and grab than meets the eye.

Sure enough, his investigations, assisted as always by his clerk, Henry, uncover a fiendish gang behind a series of robberies and, far worse, murders. Harrison finds himself in London's murky underworld, through seedy clubs and dingy pubs, and ends up an unwitting target for the gang itself.

First published in 1934, Smash and Grab is the fourth Clifton Robbins crime novel to feature Clay Harrison and his assistant, Henry. This ebook edition makes this long-lost classic available again for the first time in over 80 years.

Publisher: Canelo Digital Publishing Ltd ISBN: 9781911420231 Pages: 220