Stay the Night by Scarlett Parrish

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Stay the Night

Kit Blackman's anti-social facade cracks when a new co-tenant moves into his house - and bed - but unless he lets Steven in where it matters, Kit will end up sleeping alone. Permanently.

Kit Blackman is anti-social, insular and bad-tempered…and those are his good points. As well as an attitude problem, he's also got a how-will-we-pay-the-rent problem when one of his housemates breaks their third of the lease. If he wants to keep a roof over his head, he'll have to accept that Steven Kenton, a complete stranger, now shares that roof. Yes, the new housemate's good for helping out with the bills but he also has the knack of putting Kit on edge with a few well-chosen words and lingering looks.

Kit's is-he-flirting-with-me uncertainty doesn't last long: on his first night there, Steven makes his intentions more than clear. He wants Kit, and he knows the feeling's mutual. It's in Kit's nature to push away any man who shows an interest in him, especially when they live together, but he can only push so many times before Steven decides he'd be better off finding somewhere else to stay the night.

Publisher: Totally Entwined Group Ltd ISBN: 9780857157263 Pages: 152