Suitable for Framing by Edna Buchanan

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Suitable for Framing

A Miami crime reporter contends with a brutal murder—and a backstabbing colleague—in this “entertaining” mystery from the Edgar Award–nominated author (Booklist).
A mother and child are the recent victims of a carjacking followed by a fatal hit-and-run. Miami crime reporter Britt Montero witnesses the tragedy—and relentlessly pursues the story. But at the same time, trouble lurks in the newsroom. A new, ambitious reporter covets Britt’s job, and Britt begins to suspect that her rival’s “breaking news” stories may not be what they seem.
As she investigates, Britt herself becomes the prime suspect in a shocking murder. Faced with losing more than just her job, Britt is left fighting the most desperate deadline of her life.
“[An] extremely likable heroine.” —Publishers Weekly
“Even on deadline, Buchanan couldn’t write a boring page.” —Kirkus Reviews
Publisher: Diversion Books ISBN: 9781626812451 Pages: 256