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Summary: Business Plans that Win $$$: Review and Analysis of Rich and Gumpert's Book

The must-read summary of Stanley Rich and David Gumpert's book: "Business Plans that Win $$$: Lessons from the MIT Enterprise Forum".

This complete summary of the ideas from Stanley Rich and David Gumpert's book "Business Plans that Win $$$" shows that preparing a business plan that appeals to investors sufficiently to have them reach for their checkbooks is one of the great challenges to building a successful business. Yet the process of developing a business plan also serves another important function – it forces business owners and entrepreneurs to focus on company excellence and profitability in the marketplace above all else. Although investor decisions sometimes appear to defy logic and reason, there is order and structure in the way they analyse potential investment opportunities. The business plan is the starting point for all such discussions; opportunities to progress matters further. In essence, business plans have become the entry point to funding markets. This summary highlights that the key to winning funding with a business plan is to look at things from the potential investor’s perspective – and being able to make a viable case for the investment. 

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To learn more, read "Business Plans that Win $$$" and discover the perfect guide to building a successful business plan. 

Publisher: Primento Digital ISBN: 9782806238634 Pages: 10