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Summary: Contagious Success: Review and Analysis of Annuzio's Book

The must-read summary of Susan Annunzio's book: "Contagious Success: Spreading High Performance Throughout Your Organization”.

This complete summary of the ideas from Susan Annunzio's book "Contagious Success" shows that an in-depth study of 3,000 knowledge workers around the world was carried out to attempt to identify the management behaviors which accelerate profitable growth. Although 77% of these respondents claimed they belonged to a high-performing work group, only 10% of them actually belonged to work groups that generated profitable new products, services or processes. In other words, even the best performing business units could do much better if company leaders could better harness the employee brainpower they already have available. This summary explains how to respond to the changing demands of the marketplace and to succeed in growing. 

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To learn more, read "Contagious Success" and achieve results the right way. 

Publisher: Primento Digital ISBN: 9782806239174 Pages: 10