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Summary: Digital Darwinism: Review and Analysis of Schwartz's Book

The must-read summary of Evan Schwartz's book: "Digital Darwinism: 7 Breakthrough Business Strategies for Surviving in the Cutthroat Web Economy".

This complete summary of the ideas from Evan Schwartz's book "Digital Darwinism" shows how Darwin's theory can be equally applied to the digital business landscape, where huge numbers of web-based businesses are being created every day. Only the fittest and most robust of these web enterprises will ultimately evolve into new business models that will exist into the future. In his book, the author explains how the key is not trying to get onto the internet before it's too late. Instead, the focus should be on doing those things that will enable your business to survive the great struggle for existence that is certain to take place in the next phase of digital evolution.

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To learn more, read "Digital Darwinism" and discover the key to surviving in the digital economy.

Publisher: Primento Digital ISBN: 9782806239655 Pages: 10