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Summary: Doing Both: Review and Analysis of Sidhu's Book

The must-read summary of Inder Sidhu's book: "Doing Both: Capturing Today's Profit and Driving Tomorrow's Growth".

This complete summary of the ideas from Inder Sidhu's book "Doing Both" answers one of the biggest questions in business: should we focus on the present or the future? In his book, the author explains how many companies struggle to find a balance between this optimise vs. innovate debate. Drawing from his own experience at world-class company Cisco, Inder Sidhu shares the practices that allow the company to do both, which you can learn and adapt for your own business.

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To learn more, read "Doing Both: Capturing Today's Profits and Driving Tomorrow's Growth" and find out how you tackle optimisation and innovation at the same time to make your company prosper.

Publisher: Primento Digital ISBN: 9782806239716 Pages: 10