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Summary: How to Sell When Nobody's Buying: Review and Analysis of Lakhani's Book

The must-read summary of Dave Lakhani's book: "How to Sell When Nobody's Buying (And How to Sell Even More When They Are)".

This complete summary of the ideas from "How to Sell When Nobody's Buying" shows that it’s a tough time to sell. To make matters worse, many managers today were trained 20-30 years ago with methods conceived 50 years ago. “Twentieth-century selling techniques are dead, …If you want to sell and succeed today…you must develop new strategies and new tactics that reflect the realities of these times – our times.” In fact, this summary suggests that great salespeople are given an amazing opportunity when tough times come, because they are the ones who can adapt and get ahead of the competition. It encourages readers to set themselves up as a brand – people buy the salesperson, not the product. Set yourself up not as the supplier of a product, but the source of information that can solve a problem. Find the right balance between connections online and networking in real life. Though many businesses are in economically hard times, you can still be successful; in fact, you can convince customers that your product will help them overcome their financial worries. 

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To learn more, read "How To Sell When Nobody's Buying" and you’ll not only be able to make a living when others are failing, you’ll create a long-term profitable strategy.

Publisher: Primento Digital ISBN: 9782806246943 Pages: 10