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Summary: Little Bets: Review and Analysis of Sims' Book

The must-read summary of Peter Sims' book: "Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries".

This complete summary of the ideas from Peter Sims' book "Little Bets" shows that the best way to discover promising ideas is by placing lots of idea seeds and then building on those that work. In his book, the author explains how to use the "little bets" approach in six easy steps: experiment, play, immerse, define, reorient and iterate. This summary explains each of these steps in detail and proves that failed experiments are to be expected when trying something fresh and original.

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• Save time
• Understand key concepts
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To learn more, read "Little Bets" and discover the easy approach that will help you to develop new business ideas.

Publisher: Primento Digital ISBN: 9782511022382 Pages: 15