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Summary: Unchained Value: Review and Analysis of Cronin's Book

The must-read summary of Mary Cronin's book: "Unchained Value: The New Logic of Digital Business".

This complete summary of the ideas from Mary Cronin's book "Unchained Value" shows that you can’t transform a conventional firm into a digital business by simply grafting a few Web initiatives onto the current business structures. Instead, the existing business chain will need to be replaced in its entirety by a “digital value system” which focuses not on static, internal value chains but on dynamic, external webs of relationships. In her book, the author explains that this is the only way the power and flexibility of the digital business arena can be harnessed to create greater value and derive a stronger competitive advantage. This summary will teach you how to rethink your business and why you should do it sooner rather than later so that you don't get left behind.

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To learn more, read "Unchained Value" and discover the key to aligning your business with the e-revolution.

Publisher: Primento Digital ISBN: 9782511016961 Pages: 15