Sunny: Diary Two by Ann M. Martin

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Sunny: Diary Two

Arm yourself; prepare yourself; form a shell . . . because if you don’t, you’ll fall apart

Sunny’s mom isn’t getting better. In fact, her health (along with her mind) is deteriorating quickly. When Sunny turns to her best friend, Dawn, for support, it seems like all she gets is guilt. It doesn’t help that Dawn seems to connect better with Sunny’s mom than Sunny does, or that her dad is still so absorbed with work that he is never home.

But at least there is one adult whom she can talk to—Dawn’s pregnant stepmom, Carol. And Sunny has a stream of guys knocking at her door to keep her occupied. But none of that can replace her mom—and if she lets herself think about it, she may not be able to keep going.

This ebook features an illustrated personal history of Ann M. Martin, including rare images from the author’s collection.   
Publisher: Open Road Media Teen & Tween ISBN: 9781453298138 Pages: 132