Superfan: The Amazing Life of Morris Keston by Morris Keston, Nick Hawkins

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Superfan: The Amazing Life of Morris Keston

Starring: Bobby Moore, Jimmy Greaves, Geoff Hurst, Terry Venables, Muhammad Ali, Frank Sinatra and many, many more...Superfan is a collection of wonderful anecdotes and stories from one of football’s – and England's – great characters. Morris Keston was once just a regular football fan, but then he started befriending the Spurs players (sometimes by following them out of the ground and sitting next to them on the bus!). By the time the 1966 World Cup came around Bobby Moore and Jimmy Greaves were popping round for tea between training sessions, and when Spurs reached numerous cup finals in the seventies and eighties the players from both teams would flock to his wild after-match party instead of the club’s official dos. Beyond football he became friends with the likes of Frank Sinatra and Muhammad Ali. He regularly travelled to Vegas in Sinatra's private jet and still goes into a cold sweat when recalling the time Stirling Moss gave him a lift and reversed down a narrow street at 90mph. He had a whole chapter devoted to him in Hunter Davies’s classic sports tome The Glory Game but now the amazing adventures of Morris Keston at last have a book of their own.

Publisher: Vision Sports Publishing ISBN: 9781907637384 Pages: 256