Sweet Autumn Surrender by Vivian Vaughan

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Sweet Autumn Surrender

To save her West Texas home, a young widow must join forces with a violent desperado—and tame the wild passions he ignites within her: “A superb writer” (RT Book Reviews).
Ellie Langstrom has built a quiet, simple life on a ranch in Summer Valley, married to the love of her life: gentle, older Benjamin Jarrett. But that life is shattered when her barn burn to the ground and she finds Benjamin’s bullet-riddled body on the back doorstep.
Reeling from shock and grief, Ellie has no idea who would want to hurt him or why. So she telegraphs Benjamin’s brother Carson, a Texas Ranger, for help. Two months later, a Jarrett brother finally arrives—only it’s not Carson, but the blue-eyed gunfighter, Kale Jarrett. Ellie is terrified of guns and of the handsome gunslinger now living in her house. But she needs him . . . maybe in ways she doesn’t want to admit.
“The real treasure of Sweet Autumn Surrender is the love Ellie Jarrett has to give to Kale and his family.” —The Book Shelf
Publisher: Diversion Books ISBN: 9781626818538 Pages: 346