Sweet Bea by Sarah Hegger

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Sweet Bea

“Sarah Hegger has a gift for storytelling that is not to be missed. She’s a personal favorite of mine” (Kathryn Le Veque, USA Today–bestselling author).
Garrett has sworn vengeance on Sir Arthur of Anglesea for destroying his life when he was a boy—and forcing his mother into prostitution for them to survive. And he has chosen as his instrument Sir Arthur’s youngest daughter, Beatrice . . .
In a family of remarkable people, ordinary Beatrice strives to prove herself worthy. When her kin are threatened with losing everything, she rushes to London to find a way to rescue them. But little does she know her chosen savior is the very man who will see her family brought to shame. Now the only hope is that Beatrice’s kind heart may teach Garrett that love, not revenge, is the greatest reward of all . . .
Publisher: Lyrical Press ISBN: 9781616506124 Pages: 232