Sybil at Sixteen by Susan Beth Pfeffer

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Sybil at Sixteen

Always the youngest but never the baby, Sibyl sometimes wonders, What good is inner strength if only you know it’s there?

Sybil loves Aunt Grace’s dark, old house, even if the upkeep is a burden the Sebastians can’t entirely afford. It feels like home, and after years of surgeries and therapy, all Sybil wants for her sixteenth birthday is to be surrounded by her crazy family in a place of their own. But Evvie’s been keeping a secret, one that puts her at risk, and when the truth finally comes out, it throws the whole family into turmoil as they struggle to face the facts.
Sybil may not have Evvie’s charm, Thea’s patience, or Claire’s beauty, but she does have herself: quiet, perceptive, and absolutely determined. When her father, Nicky, declares that he’s found a solution to their troubles, Sybil faces a difficult choice—and her heart tells her there are some betrayals that can never be forgiven. 
Publisher: Open Road Media Teen & Tween ISBN: 9781453202241 Pages: 177