Talk of the Town: A Novel by Mary Kay McComas

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Talk of the Town: A Novel

An artist finds love in the unlikeliest of places in this charming, award-winning romance by New York Times–bestselling author of The One for Me.
Rosemary Wickum treasures the curious items she finds at the recycling center—pieces perfect for her metal sculptures. She has her hands full focusing on her art while waitressing to support her father and teenage son. But she becomes the talk of the town when Gary Albright, the handsome owner of the recycling center, begins pursuing her in earnest.
With the whole town cheering them on, Rosemary and Gary discover their shared love for creating things of beauty out of the discarded and forgotten, a common ground on which to build a relationship based in trust, honesty, and love.
“It is a rare author who can weave together irresistible characters, emotional heartache, wacky humor and social consciousness–all within one superb romance. Rarer still is one who can do it with such exquisite style. Brava, Mary Kay McComas!” —RT Book Reviews
Publisher: Diversion Books ISBN: 9781626810877 Pages: 155