That's How I Knew Love by Shelly mittal

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That's How I Knew Love

Most love stories begin like….

Boy loves girl and girl eventually falls for the boy.

But for Shivali’s its different, Love for her is just another set of rules. Long distance is a big no.

Cheat on her, be prepared to die. But…

Destiny had its own plans.

She loved Rudra but was adamant to accept.

Had he cheated on her?

No matter how much ever she tried to forget him, she was unaware that all of it would one day come back to haunt her…

Will she ever know the truth?

Will she ever express her love or has she really moved on ?

Or was it just from her figment of imagination?

Where will destiny take them….?

Publisher: Wordit Content Design & Editing Services Pvt Ltd ISBN: 9789383952847 Pages: 168